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Name: Jason Lloyd
Date registered: October 7, 2013
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I rode bikes everywhere as a kid. After high school graduation, and stopping competitive swimming, I did the stupid thing of taking up smoking, which I did for about 12 years. When I quit, I promptly shot up to about 185 pounds. At 32, I started jogging to loose weight. I lost 35 pounds, and based on my swimming background, decided I wanted to do a triathlon. My wife laughed at me, and that was all that it took. I raced triathlons for about 9 years before venturing into road racing and mountain bike racing. In 2011, I raced in my first cross race, and was HOOKED. Cyclocross is my primary passion now, and all other training is focused on getting ready for that September - December season that I love so much.

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  2. Congratulations to the RVR Newlyweds — July 27, 2016
  3. Welcome to the Newest Members of the RVR Family….. — June 22, 2016
  4. We are back! The time is here… — September 7, 2014

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Sep 06 2016

Welcome to our new RVR Team Members!

Rogue Velo Racing is very excited to announce the addition of new members to our team, and to lock down our team for the year. The goal of this year’s recruiting was to add more depth to our women’s’ cyclocross and road teams. First and foremost, Eric and I are ecstatic that Sarah Kozak has decided to remain with RVR for the Cyclocross season and we plan to work on her to try to keep her around for our road team also (more to come on that from Eric). We are pleased to announce veteran mountain biker Mandy LaClair has agreed to become 48% better looking and race in the Women’s CAT 4 field this year. If you have been to any recent parties, you have noticed her bubbly personality (and love of beer) and realize that she fits right in with the RVR crew. Speaking of bubbly personalities, Meganne Jarvis Huett has also agreed to team up with Mandy and our other women CAT 4 racers to put the fear of God into the rest of the CAT 4 field. Riding since 2009, Meganne made the “leap” to racing in the road season for 2016. She has learned so much this road season and is beyond excited for Cross Season. Our final new team member, Jessica Lehman , has also decided to give CX a try after a very successful road racing season in the Hampton Roads area and racing throughout college. The RVR kit automatically appeared on her, as if sent from up above, when she said, and I quote…. “I realized that playing in the dirt is way more fun, less prissy, and has more beer.” Jessica enjoys mountain biking and has a triathlon background, like many of us here. Please join Eric and I in welcoming out new RVR family members. The women’s CAT 4 fields will be fun to watch and cheer for! Thank you ladies for joining our RVR family! Have I mentioned lately that I love this team?

Jul 27 2016

Congratulations to the RVR Newlyweds

13880395_10208739778390538_7764142516946199387_nCongratulations to Michael Seek and Melissa Mosley Presnell on tying the knot tonight!  It is so awesome to see this family continue with weddings, babies and general family friendship!  Have I mentioned lately  that I love this team?

Jun 22 2016

Welcome to the Newest Members of the RVR Family…..

I’d like to welcome the latest members of the RVR Family.  Donna Christopher has agreed to join us to support the ladies team.  She is going to race cross this year in RVR colors and we are very excited to have another RVR Husband/Wife team here!  We are also very happy to announce that Timmy Woolford has agreed to join the RVR family.  Tim is a long standing Hampton Roads cycling member.  He is a CAT 3 road racer and a member of the Dai Roberts Group team that owns and operates Perfect Fit Cycling and Triathlon.  This team uses the Guru Fit system to give perfect bike fits for years of happy and healthy riding.  Look them up on the web if you need that Perfect Fit (Chris Caton had his done already and I am scheduling mine in the next few weeks).  Donna and Tim, you already look 48% better… 🙂  Welcome to the RVR family!

Sep 07 2014

We are back! The time is here…

Tis the night before Jamestown
when all through the state
Not a cross racer is sleeping
Just awaiting the date

The tires are nestled…
all snug on their wheels
While Rogue Velo team mates
search East Coast for deals

The tubulars are glued
and topped off with Stans
while we search for all races
throughout East Coast lands

The bikes are hung
On the bike racks with care
And each tire is pumped
with an exact pressure of air

We’ve replaced all our cables
and a new shiny chain
In preps for the mud
The sand and the rain

So here’s to our friendship
Share a beer and a smile
Caution tape is back
And will remain for a while!


And yes…. I am addicted…..